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All good things come to an end (for now)

We have come to the decision to discontinue all gaming servers indefinitely. During the last months we struggled with some major bugs, thus we were short on donations and had a hard time to pay the server. We know that this has been a rollercoaster for some loyal players during the last weeks: First the ArmA III Esseker server went downhill and we announced to discontinue it, then it was looking a lot more promising and we could save the server at the very last minute.

Now we are officially announcing the discontinuity of all our gaming servers for good: This concerns the ArmA III Esseker and Tanoa servers and the Minecraft server. This time it is not so much about donations and saving the server but also about a very personal decision: Alfie made the decision to step down as the head developer and due to all the problems that persisted regarding the server the clan will take a full break from any ArmA III servers and gaming servers in general as well.

After ten months of running multiple gaming servers for me and Alfie it has slowly become a stressful, unpaid job. We never asked for money or wanted anything in return (Besides hoping for support and donations for the server itself) and always had a blast doing what we did but at this point we feel like we deserve a break and we will take this opportunity to take a deep breath and to recall the past regarding all that happened. We always did our best but looking back there is always something you could have done better and could have improved – We learned a lot and will use this knowledge for potential future projects. It has been a wild ride, we have met so many awesome people along the way that made that project possible in the first place. Me and Alfie started out more or less on our own and found more and more awesome people who were willing to help. Acquaintances became close friendships and this is one of the things we cherish and that will hopefully never find an end.

Talking about future projects: In the future there may be potential plans for a reboot but for now we all want to take a break without the pressure of any future plans so there is no official word on this for now. As soon as there are news regarding this topic it will be announced here.

Alfie will of course remain in his position as one of the clan owners, server admin, and member.

Thank you to everyone who supported the server, be it with donations or helping on the server itself. Thanks to all our awesome admins and mods, this crew is a crazy, lovely bunch of people. Last but not least: Thanks to everyone who played on the server. You, the players, actually made all that possible because a server without any players is no real gaming server. People from so many nations all over the world played on the server peacefully and had a blast which made all the effort and hard work we put into this worth it.

We will keep the server running until the 17th of May so up until then you will still be able to play on all 200ml servers.
The servers are all offline as of today (May 5th) and will remain offline.


vancum / 03.05.2017 (19:32)

Stimmt für oder gegen den Extended Base Mod auf dem Exile Esseker Server!

Do you want the Extended Base Mod (more building options) on the Exile Esseker server?


vancum / 04.02.2017 (23:09)

Kein Support auf 200ml Gaming Servern vom 20.- 27. Dezember

Zwischen dem 20. und dem 27. Dezember wird es keinen Support auf den 200ml Gaming Servern geben. Aufgrund der Feiertage nimmt sich das gesamte Team eine kleine Auszeit. Genießt das gute Essen, trinkt zu viel und lasst euch reich beschenken! Solltet ihr während dieser Zeit ein Supportanliegen haben, bitten wir euch euer Problem in unser Forum zu schreiben, sodass euch schnellstmöglich geholfen werden kann.

Frohe Weihnachten, Hanukkah und Kwanzaa! : )

vancum / 18.12.2016 (21:12)

Server offline für Wartungsarbeiten am Freitag (16.12.16) 18 Uhr.

Der Exile Esseker Server ist am Freitag (16.12.16) 18 Uhr für einige Zeit offline für Wartungsarbeiten. Danke für euer Verständnis.

vancum / 14.12.2016 (17:00)

Stimmt für oder gegen Schnee auf dem Esseker Server über Weihnachten!

Do you want to have snow on the server for two days (during xmas)?


vancum / 07.12.2016 (22:36)